Golf Simulator Rental

Bring your favorite course to your home or event venue with one of our super realistic, insanely fun golf simulator rentals. We have several options to meet your needs and fit your budget. Use our clubs, or bring your own clubs and balls to match your real-life results. Our SkyTrak and Flightscope launch monitors read every detail of ball flight for a realistic golf experience, without getting rained on or hunting for your ball in the woods. Great deals can be had on multi-day and multi-week rentals, so cancel your plans and get your buddies together for a weekend of golf you’ll never forget. Excellent for game improvement – you can immediately see the results of swing changes with far more detail than you would ever get at the practice range. If you’re considering joining the trend of purchasing a simulator setup for your home, try ours out first! When building a simulator, there are so many decisions to make, a short term rental can save you time and money deciding which options are right for you. Options starting as low as $600. For more details, call, email, or add this to your cart and request a quote.

Golf Simulator
Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator

Product Information:

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

12’d x 12’w x 10’h

Space Needed:

20’d x 12’w x 10’h


If you are planning on having your event at a park, there are some additional steps you will need to take. Most parks require a special event permit and possibly insurance to be purchased. Here are some links to help you figure out what you will need for your party.

Clackamas County

Washington County

Multnomah County

Marion County

Looking for more fun in addition to a golf simulator rental? We also have rock walls, big rides, zip lines, inflatables, games, and so much more! Check out everything we have to offer. You can use our simple online quote system or give us a call. Our professional event planners are ready to help make your next event one to remember.