Airborne Adventure
Airborne Adventure

Airborne Adventure

Product Information:

Climb into Airborne Adventure for a one of a kind ride into the sky! Get harnessed into the parachute sling. We'll close up the hatch and you're off! Climb to over 15 feet above the ground for a bird's eye view through the upper observation window. Once we open the hatch, you'll be gently lowered back to Earth for a safe and soft landing.

Requires two operators at all times. Best used as part of a larger event, with a variety of attractions.

Do-it-yourself pricing as low as $395 on weekdays, or $514 for a 4-day weekend rental.
$495 for 4 hours with delivery.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

14'd x 14'w x 21'h

Space Needed:

25'd x 20'w x 22'h *